traveling to poland

Road tolls in Poland!
Please read carefully, the system is a bit complicated.
From South – Prague through Hradec Kralove to Legnica – no tolls, just drive.
If you’re driving from the West (through or from Germany):
A4 from Dresden to Legnica – free, don’t worry, just drive 😊
From Cottbus towards Legnica – we don’t recommend this way, since there are roadworks on A18, only one line available both directions.
A2 – from Berlin towards Poznań – take a ticket on the motorway, pay on motorway exit in the toll charging point (both cash (PLN) and cards accepted)
If you’re driving from the East or South:
A4 – Kraków – Katowice => take a ticket on the motorway, pay in the toll charging point (both cash (PLN) and cards accepted)
CAUTION: A4 from Katowice to Wrocław – you need to buy the ticket online (links below) or at ORLEN gas station before you enter this section of the highway.
If you want to buy the ticket for A4 Katowice – Wrocław online, follow links (you can also buy return ticket at the same time):
If you’re driving from North East:
S8 from Białystok to Wrocław – free, A4 – from Wrocław to Legnica – free
A2 from Stryków to Konin Wschód – you need to buy the ticket at the ORLEN gas station before entering or online (follow the links below):
A2 section from Konin towards Poznań – take the ticket on the motorway, pay at the toll charging point upon exit (cash (PLN) or card), Poznań – Legnica – for free.
If your vehicle is more than 3,5t (including campers!!!), different tolls apply, please find the info here:


The competition schedule will be published on the website.

The first course walk on Friday starts at 08:00.

We plan to finish on Sunday no later than 18:00.

However, the schedules are only approximate – if a run finishes sooner than scheduled, we will start next course building/ course walking/ runs immediately – so please pay attention to what’s going on so you won’t miss your runs.

The starting lists will be published a couple of days before the competition on the website – if you know you won’t come, please let us know in advance.

Bitches in heat run in the normal order – each ring has a rug for them to start from – please notify the steward if you need it. Please also be considerate and separate bitches in heat from other dogs whenever possible.

The starting lists will be also displayed on monitors next to the rings.

Ring 1 will be for XS, S and M for all three days, ring 2 for ML/L for all three days.

There will be a steward for each ring. Please be next to the ring at least 4-5 teams before your run and report to the steward to confirm the running order. If you’re running with more than one dog and need to change your running order – please talk about it with the stewards ONLY (not the workers in the office) – they can change it as needed.

The results will be displayed on the monitors next to the rings – please follow the results as we will do the prizegiving ceremonies soon after the run is finished, so be ready for the podium.

required documents

There will be a registration during which we will check the passports – you are required to have valid rabbies vaccination. Anyone failing to show it will not be allowed to compete.

We won’t collect the working books, but if you want to have your results written in your working book, we can do it during one of the breaks – just come to the office.


The hall will be locked for the night, so you might leave your things there if you like.

There are also spectators stands, but you might bring your own chairs with you if you prefer.

There are three rooms where you can keep your dogs – however, they are quite small. We don’t make bookings. Please be nice and share the space as much as possible.

Please keep the hall clean – it’s professional great quality football grass so leave it in as good condition as you find it . That includes picking up the fluff from sheepskin tugs etc.

There will be option to buy proper food inside the hall, as well as hot and cold drinks.

There will also be lots of shopping stands of our sponsors – so prepare for shopping.